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The MDRU project aims to provide Rapid Response Communications Using ICT services such as Internet connectivity, phone services and Disaster Information Systems, which are easy to use and swift deployment.

A pilot project of the MDRU was conducted in San Remigio, Cebu together with the cooperation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan (MIC), ITU and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Implementing partners are NTT, Diff Sigma Tech, Inc. and the Central Visayas Information Sharing Network Foundation, Inc . - Philippines (CVISNET).

DRIVE is the outcome from the Movable and Deployable ICT Resource Unit (MDRU) project developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone of Japan (NTT) and awarded by the International Telecommunications Union of the United Nations (ITU) in 2013.



  • Provide a means of fast restoration of communication services in areas affected by the disaster using ICT systems
  • Provide an easily expandable integrated communications system interconnecting the government units
  • Operate a integrated information system that can assist the officials in responding to disasters and mitigating damage; and present opportunities by using Community Information Systems for the locality
  • Offer solutions using existing smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Utilize the DRIVE system during normal times as a local communication



Officials and Responders 

  • DRIVE will allow fast coordination using smartphones by the officials and responders during disasters
  • Using easily deployable and portable DRIVE, isolated communities can be accessed quickly
  • Data can gathered easily and shared by officials
  • Available easily managed applications and information allow timely local decisions


  • DRIVE allows fast response by government units 
  • Widely available smartphones, tablets and computers can easily connect to DRIVE
  • Provide and retrieve reports directly from officials and responders 
  • Daily access to basic community ICT service



  • Convenient hand-carried rapid response unit for all terrain requirements
  • Communication system with WiFi and Smartphone accessibility
  • Power independent with backup supply
  • Connectivity to existing communication links such as landline, wireless and satellite


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